Witwatersrand Rifles Regiment

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Witwatersrand Rifles Regimental deployments - Under Construction

This page is still under construction and will attempt to list the names all the various Regimental members that deployed operationally with the Regiment. Please visit this page again for updates. We also appeal to current and former members of the Regiment to assist us in keeping this page updates as the Regiment continues in its operational duties.

Bambata Rebellion 1906

Captain Westbrook, L J
Captain Smyth, J W
Lieutenant Heywood, A
Lieutenant Medlicott, R F C
Lieutenant Young, B
Colour Sergeant Willcocks, W G O
Sergeant Crofton, F
Sergeant Cross, R E
Sergeant Goodman, A H
Sergeant Wood, P
Corporal Barwick, W
Corporal Johnson, W
Corporal Ramsden, G W
Corporal Russel, J E
Corporal Shorten, TJ
Corporal Symonds, M C
Lance Corporal Wade, W H
Private Adams, C W
Private Adams, J
Private Archibald, W
Private Baker, FJ
Private Bellhouse, J
Private Belt, H
Private Bradford, W W
Private Britton N
Private Brueton, A H
Private Cellarius, TJ
Private Chapman, E H
Private Christie, A W
Private Chote, A S
Private Clarke, G F
Private Cranna, A S
Private Curren, P
Private Daguin, C S
Private Davies, S
Private Despard, G W B
Private Dickinson, G
Private Dolan, J
Private Donald, B S
Private Evans, E R
Private Evans, W
Private Ferrie, A E
Private Finn, W
Private Frost, E
Private Gough, J C
Private Greig, R
Private Griffiths, G M
Private Haigh, B
Private Harkness, J A
Private Harrington, E W
Private Harris, W D
Private Henderson, J
Private Henderson, W M
Private Henley, H 

From P 77 - 78  of  "A Bugle Calls" by Dr. S. Monick

Private Heydrenrych, R G H
Private Higgins, W C
Private Hollander, B
Private Hurley, J
Private Jordan, J
Private Joubert, IJ
Private Kay.J
Private Kirkwood, D G
Private Lax, B
Private Lipmann, H
Private Logue, J S
Private McFarlane, G
Private McFarlane, J
Private McLachlan, J
Private McLean, S
Private McMahon, R H
Private Mitchell, D
Private Morgan, W
Private Morrison, J
Private Mulhern, P
Private Nicol, J D
Private Park, J
Private Phillips, J
Private Pinch, J J
Private Pinnick, F W
Private Poole, H G
Private Priest, J
Private Purvis, W
Private Quirk, M
Private Richardson, T W
Private Ridgard, H H
Private Rolt, FJ
Private Ruddock, B
Private Sammons, T
Private Scott, J
Private Seager, G
Private Soulsby, R
Private Stevenson, D
Private Taylor, H O
Private Thompson, A
Private Thompson, T
Private Tooms, T
Private Veevers, A
Private Walsh, J
Private Waring, O L
Private Watson, G
Private Watson, James
Private Watson, John
Private White, C W
Private White, S T
Private Williams, CJ
Private Willmot, J
Private Wilson, J
Private Wooley, P J

World War 1

German South West Africa:

Lieutenant -Colonel  Smyth, J W
Major  Young, B
Captain  Buchanan, F L A
Captain  Gordon, R D
Captain  Howarth, W C M
Captain  McLachlin, H R
Captain  Mullins, C H
Captain  Schlam, S B
Captain  Symmes, H C
Captain  Van Mentz, S
Lieutenant Alien, W
Lieutenant Aston, F T D
Lieutenant Bradley, F H (VC)
Lieutenant Briese, G F
Lieutenant Clarke, D D
Lieutenant Fillery, J C
Lieutenant Forsyth, G H
Lieutenant Guest, I A M
Lieutenant Hirtzel, H M
Lieutenant Jackson, F E
Lieutenant Johnstone, G M
Lieutenant Kearns, C W
Lieutenant Kirkland, C H
Lieutenant McCulloch, D C
Lieutenant Medlicott, RFC
Lieutenant Mundy, A V
Lieutenant Noonan, H T R
Lieutenant Porter, M C L
Lieutenant Runciman, A W
Lieutenant Shimwell, AJ
Lieutenant Smith, H G M
Lieutenant Sprenger, L F
Lieutenant Twyman, C D
Second Lieutenant Buckley, A N
Second Lieutenant Robinson, H F
Private  Abrahams, H C
Private  Abrahams, M
Private  Ackerman, S
Private  Adams, T W
Private  Adendorff, J P
Private  Adkins, G E
Private  Adkinson, J J
Corporal Albers, G
Private  Albertson, P
Private  Albrecht, ?
Private  Aldcorn,J M
Private  Alexander, E F
Private  Akexander, W
Private  Allport, G F
Private  Amoy, GJ W
Private  Anderson, D J
Lance Corporal Anderson, E V
Private  Anderson, J
Private  Anderson, N
Private  Andrews, M H
Private  Annandale, J
Private  Anthonissen, J C
Lance Corporal Archibald, W
Private  Arnold, A H
Private  Ashford, T E
Private  Asser, A
Private  Atkinson, J J
Private  Attridge, H G
Private  Attwell, HMD
Private  Attwood, E
Private  Aubert, E
Sergeant Austen, R S
Private  Austin, T A
Private  Avis, J
Private  Babcock, C D
Private  Backwell, M C
Private  Badcoe, TJ
Private  Bairdow, H E
Lance Corporal Baldock, D A
Corporal Bales, R N
Private  Bancroft, G W
Private  Bands, J
Private  Barry, M P
Colour Sergeant Bartle, E F A
Private  Basson, J A
Corporal Batchelder, H A
Private  Bates, F S
Private  Batley, F W
Corporal Bawden, A L
Sergeant Beadle, A E
Private  Beckwith, AJ
Private  Beckwith, EJ
Private  Beerstecker, L
Private  Begbie, F
Private  Bein, H
Sergeant Beland, J
Private  Beland, R
Private  Beland, W
Lance Corporal Bell, L A
Private  Benjamin, M N
Private  Bentley, C
Private  Berger, J
Lance Corporal Bergh, D M
Private  Berliner, A H
Private  Bertaux, J
Private  Bertrand, R A M D
Private  Bester, W A
Private  Beukes, SJ
Lance Corporal Bingham, WJ
Private  Birkett, J
Private  Bissett, A
Private  Blake, A B R
Private  Bloom, B
Private  Bloomfield, F H
Private  Bodner, E
Private  Bonner, H
Lance Corporal Boonzaaier, G D
Private  Boonzaaier, W G
Private  Booth, D
Private  Booysen, W
Private  Borrowdale, A C
Private  Borrowdale, H
Private  Botha, DJ
Lance Corporal Botha, E D
Private  Botha, J T
Private  Botha, M C
Private  Botha, SJ
Private  Botha, Z A
Private  Bothwell, T
Private  Bowden, W
Sergeant Boyd, J
Private  Bradfield, J
Private  Bradfield, L G
Private  Bradley, T
Sergeant Brand, C J Q
Private  Brand, G R
Private  Branthwaite, G
Private  Brett, A E
Private  Brice, E W G
Private  Bridger, D E D
Private  Brighton J H
Private  Brink, G E
Private  Brink, W C
Corporal Britton, W G
Corporal Broad, F E
Private  Brodie, T P
Corporal Bromley, S S
Corporal Bromley, T C J
Private  Brown, G R
Private  Brown, J J
Private  Brown, L
Private  Brown, P S H
Corporal Brown, T W
Private  Brownstein, J
Private  Bruce, D R
Private  Brunette, G F
Sergeant Brunstrom, O L
Private  Bryan, S
Sergeant Bryer, C W F
Private  Buckinger, P C
Corporal Buckley, A B
Private  Buckner, J S
Private  Bunt, F
Private  Bunting, T
Private  Burgess, I W
Private  Burgon, A W
Corporal Burke, S L
Private  Burne, J F
Private  Burns, C
Sergeant Burns, S
Private  Bernstein, J
Private  Burrows, F M
Sergeant Burrows, M
Sergeant Butcher, F C
Private  Buys, S
QM Sergeant Callow, F H
Private  Cameron, J
Private  Cameron, J G
Private  Campbell, F G
Private  Campbell, W R
Private  Capel, E V
Private  Carey, G A
Private  Carey, W G
Private  Carroll, WJ
Private  Case, C H
Private  Casey, J M
Private  Cass, A
Private  Cecil, M
Private  Cilliers, G D
Private  Chaddock, A
Private  Chapman, E
Lance Corporal Chater, R H
Corporal Chinnery, G R
Private  Chitman, S
Private  Christensen, P O
Private  Church, J
Private  ClampbeU, W H
Private  Clark, A
Private  Clarke, F
Private  Clarke, G
Private  Clarke, J M
Corporal Clarke, M V O
Lance Corporal Clarke, R
Private  Clemons, J W M
Private  Cloete, J C
Private  Cluett, H C
Corporal Coe, A N
Sergeant Coen, I P
Private  Coetzee, D G
Private  Coetzee, L
Private  Coetzee, P S
Private  Cohen, W
Private  Coleman, J N
Private  Collins, N B
Sergeant Collins, W A
Private  Collins, W J
Lance Corporal Condon, V J
Private  Conneland, J M
Private  Constable, H
Private  Coombe, O
Private  Coombes, A E
Private  Cornelius, E E
Private  Cowie, RJ Cox, T W
Sergeant Coxford, H L
Private  Coyle, H E
Private  Coyle, W G
Private  Craig, D
Private  Crampton, H E
Sergeant Crewe-Brown, W
Colour Sergeant Crews, F
Private  Crockett, V B
Corporal Croft, A D
Private  Cross, T M
Private  Crystal, G
Private  Cunningham, S F
Private  Cunningham, W V R
Private  Cursley, F
Private  Curtis, S H
Private  Cuthbertson, E M
Sergeant Dadswell, G H
Private  Daly, J B
Sergeant Dalgleish, J E
Corporal Dando, A B
Private  Daniel, C
Private  Darling, W H
Sergeant Davey, G H
Lance Corporal Davies, C T
Sergeant Davies, H A
Private  Davis, C R
Private  Dawson, W G
Private  De Bruyn, J J
Lance Corporal De Clercg, L C
Private  De Hart, H C
Private  De Klerk, B
Private  De Kock, J W
Private  De Lange, R F
Lance Corporal Dell, A H
Private  Delport, G
Private  Denby, E
Private  Deneys, J F
Private  Dennis, W S
Private  Dent, S
Private  Desebrook, J
Private  DeVilliers.JTJ
Private  De Waal, J A N P
Private  Dezzel, P H
Lance Corporal Dickson, C R
Private  Dillon, J
Private  Dodds, T
Private  Doherty, P
Private  Donaldson, R M
Private  Donet, E G
Private  Douglas, R
Lance Corporal Downward, W G
Private  Downes, F
Private  Doyle, G
Private  Dunn, W R
Private  Dunning, J
Private  Dunsterville, E F G
Private  Dunwell, J H
Private  Du Plessis, C D
Private  Du Plessis, C J
Private  Du Preez, B C K
Private  Du Toit, A
Private  Dykes, N E
Colour Sergeant Eckersley, A
Private  Edwards, HJ
Private  Edwards, J C
Private  Edwards, R
Private  Eggen, P G
Sergeant Major Elliott, G
Private  Ellis, J B
Private  Ellwood, W
Sergeant Elworthy, F W
Private  Emanuel, M L
Private  Engelbrecht, CJ
Private  Engelbrecht, C M
Private  Engelbrecht, H
Private  Engelbrecht, M C
Private  England, G
Private  English, J
Private  Erasmus, BJ
Private  Errington, LR
Private  Eskill, L
Staff Sergeant Estill, J
Private  Evans, E
Private  Eve, J A
Private  Ewan, W
Private  Eyres, H
Private  Fagan, WJ
Private  Fairbairn, G
Private  Falcke, TJ
Private  Farmer, G A
Lance Corporal Farr, G
Private  Feinberg, M.R.
Lance Corporal Felton, HJ
Private  Ferreira, HJ
Private  Ferriman, A E
Private  Fidler, J L
Private  Firth, J H A
Private  Fisher, A B
Private  Fisher, V
Private  Fisher, W
Sergeant Fitzgerald, P
Lance Corporal Fitzpatrick, J
Private  Flawn, E G L
Private  Fletcher, H H
Private  Fletcher, H L
Private  Fletcher, T F
Lance Corporal Flinter, G E
Private  Hyn,J Flynn, D
Private  Flynn, L J
Sergeant Folster, J
Private  Forbes, R W
Private  Ford, W B
Corporal Foster, A E
Lance Corporal Foster, G
Private  Foster, H E
Private  Fothergill, W
Sergeant Fourie, D
Corporal Francis, J L
Private  Frank, H R H
Private  Frankenberg
Private  Freeman, D F H
Private  Freeman, G P
Private  Friedberg, E
Private  Friedman, C
Private  Friedman, M N
Private  Fritz,
Sergeant Froneman, E E
Private  Frost, C H P H
Lance Corporal Furniss, R H
Lance Corporal Gabriel, W
Private  Gage, R B
Private  Gage, W M
Colour Sergeant Gainsford, W E C
Private  Galbraith, J S
Sergeant Gardner, J
Private  Garrett, J E
Private  Garrity, L
Private  Gates, C B
Private  Gavshon, J
Private  Geldenhuis, H R
Private  Geldenhuis, L
Private  Geyser, B L
Private  Gibbon, W
Corporal Gibson, A
Private  Gibson, A H
Private  Gibson, H E
Corporal Gilbert, W
Private  Gilburt, T
Private  Gilder, W G

From P 189 - 209 of "A Bugle Calls"

1914 - 1915

Private  Giles, A E
Private  Gill, T M
Private  Gillan, D
Private  Gillman, O V
Private  Gilroy, J W
Private  Gitterman, C
Private  Gladstone, W
Private  Glasser, A
Private  Gleaves, R C
Corporal Glisson, A E
Private  Gloag, E W
Private  Goch, FJ
Sergeant Goller, J M
Private  Goller, V
Private  Good, E A
Private  Goodman, H
Private  Goodman, J J
Corporal Goodman, W
Private  Goosen, H W N
Private  Gordon, A W T S
Private  Gordon, L M
Colour Sergeant Gorman, S
Private  Govan, F G
Private  Cover, T
Sergeant Graham, W A
Private  Graves, H L B A
Lance Corporal Gray, A
Private  Gray, W
Private  Green, A A
Colour Sergeant Green, A J
Private  Green, A V
Lance Corporal Green, D B
Private  Green, W
Corporal Green, W A
Private  Greensill, J E
Private  Grenfell, D
Private  Griessel, J
Private  Griffin, P G
Private  Grimbeck, A S
Private  Grime, W P
Private  Grobbelaar, A
Corporal Grobler, J F
Private  Groenewald, C A
Private  Groenewald, J J
Private  Gunning, H B L
Private  Haddon, G
Private  Hall, C T
Private  Hamilton, A D
Private  Hammerton, L C
Private  Hancock, T
Lance Corporal Hannay, W C
Private  Hansen, J H
Private  Hansen, G M
Private  Harding, H
Private  Harmse, WJ
Private  Harmsworth, A W H
Private  Harper, H F
Private  Harris, EJ
Private  Harrison, F E
Private  Harrison, W
Private  Harwood, J
Private  Harwood, L
Private  Haskins, B J
Private  Haskins, J H
Private  Hastings, A
Private  Hastings, J E
Private  Hastings, W
Private  Havenga, N F
Private  Havenga, SLR
Private  Hawken, J E
Private  Hawkins, A
Private  Hayselden, R
Private  Hayton, H
Private  Hazelhurst, J R
Private  Heard, T
Private  Hearne, W H
Lance Corporal Hedgecock, A L
Private  Heeley, J G
Private  Helfand, G
Private  Hellon, W H
Private  Henley, F A
Private  Henning, P H
Private  Henwood, B
Private  Hepburn, W
Private  Herholdt, S
Private  Heydenrych, A F
Private  Heydenrych, V C
Private  Hiles, F L P
Corporal Hind, C N
Private  Hind, C R
Lance Corporal Hoare, W S
Private  Hobbs, J W
Private  Hobden, W C V
Private  Hodge, E W
Private  Hodge, J S
Private  Hodges, O L
Private  Hoffman, J
Private  Hoffman, J J
Private  Holder, W
Lance Corporal Hollander, B L
Sergeant Holliday, R K
Corporal Holmes, L J
Private  Holmes, W A
Lance Corporal Hope, F
Private  Hopkins, W T J
Private Horton, E
Private Hosking, W
Private Hosking, T
Private Hoskins, J
Lance Corporal Hoskison, F
Private Howard, L C B
Private Hudson, H B
Corporal Hugo, H L
Private Humphreys, A
Private Hunkin, W R
Private Hurley, J
Private Husband, J
Private Hyde, A C
Private Hyde, A H
Staff Sergeant Imhofe, AJ
Private Impey, L
Corporal Irvine, A T D
Private Isaacs, H J
Private Israel, J R
Private Isroetz, E
Private Jackson, C C
Corporal Jackson, C E
Private Jackson, L
Sergeant Jackson, P W
Private Jacob, M
Private Jacobs, P S
Private James, D F
Private James, R T
Private Jamieson, A T
Private Jarman, A E
Private Jarreth, W
Private Jennings, W C
Private Jensen,J G
Private Joel, A D
Private Joffe, G
Private Johns, T H E
Private Johns, TJ
Private Johnson, A
Lance Corporal Johnson, E W
Private Johnson, H
Private Johnson, N W
Private Johnstone, J
Private Jones, E A
Private Jones, F
Private Jones, N
Private Jones, R T
Private Jonker, M A
Private Jopling, W
Private Jordaan, B
Corporal Jordan, A E
Private Joseph, D L
Private Joubert, G D
Private Joubert, W H
Private Kahn, J J
Private Kane, F M
Private Kane, J
Private Kapelusnik, AJ
Private Kaplan, V
Private Karlstein, B
Private Kayser, J F
Private Kearns, V G
Private Kendall, N
Private Keogh, S S
Corporal Kernick, R G
Private Kernick, R W
Private Ketterer, A W
Sergeant Kewley, J H
Sergeant Kidd, G
Corporal Kieser, E F
Private Kilrow, V W
Lance Corporal King, F G
Private King, P B
Private King, V
Private Kingma, C B
Private King-Magee, R
Private Kinsman, J
Private Kirby, W
Private Kirkman, W D
Lance Corporal Kirkwood, R J
Sergeant Kirkwood, T D
Private Kirsten, A P
Private Kleynhans, D J
Private Klingman, H
Private Koekemoer, W E C
Private Kopkin, M
Private Kramer, R
Private Kreser, L
Private Krog, W M
Private Krogh, P M G
Private Krugell, CJ
Private Kruger, CJ
Private Kruger, J J
Private Labuschagne, BJ
Private Labuschagne, CJ
Private Lakowsky, S
Private Lambert, A G
Private Lamprecht, D C
Private Lamprecht, J A
Private Landau, D
Private Lang, S M
Private Larkin, C
Corporal Lashbrooke, H
Lance Corporal Lawrence, J A
Private Lawrence, W F
Corporal Laws, A G
Private Lawson, G
Private Lawson, P
Sergeant Lawson, W K
Corporal Laycock, H C
Private Lazarus, G N
Private Legg, R
Private Leggo, H T
Private Legoff, A
Private Le Grange, A P J
Corporal Le Roux, L P
Private Leibrandt, P F
Private Lemmon, A
Private Lenz, F A
Private Leonie, J
Private Lesar, T H
Private Levi, I
Private Levin, L H
Private Levinsohn, H M
Private Levy, H L
Private Lewis, G A
Private Liebenberg, P J
Private Lilford, A
Private Lindenberg, E
Private Lingenfelder, L H
Private Linskey, S J
Private Linton, E H B C
Private Lister, A H
Private Livingstone, D H
Private Livingstone, J
Private Lloyd, F
Sergeant Lockett, W H
Private Loe, M
Private Lombard, D B
Private Lombard, J J F
Private Long, A
Lance Corporal Longford, J A M
Private Lotter, M
Private Loughnane, M
Lance Corporal Lourenzo, J F
Sergeant Lovasz, A
Sergeant Lovasz, N F
Private Lovell, H G S
Lance Corporal Lovell, R B
Lance Corporal Lucas, N R
Sergeant Lucas, RJ
Private Lumgair, S W
Private Lunderstedt, C H W
Private Lyall, J
Private Lyall, J
Private Lyons, R H
Private Lysell, N
Private Maarschalk, L H
Private Mabley, F G
Lance Corporal Mackenzie, W A
Private MacNamara, J K
Private Mangges, P
Private Manne, M
Corporal Manthe, W F
Private Manthey, CJ
Private Marais, E C
Private Margetto, A T B
Private Maritz, W
Private Marshall, A E
Sergeant Marshall, J
Lance Corporal Martin, W H
Private Martinovitch, G
Private Mason, E E
Private Mason, L W H
Private Masterton, J K
Private Matthec, J C B
Private Matheson, A
Private Mathey, W
Private Matthews, S F
Private Matthews, T W
Private Mattig, F M
Sergeant Mattison, H
Private Maxwell, J W
Private McAdam, W C
Private McCallum, N
Private McCormack, H O
Private McCue, J A
Private McGarr, R G
Private McGregor, W C
Private McKay, W A
Private McLean, HJ
Private McLean, J
Private McLean, W A
Private McLean, W H
Private McMaster, K
Private McPherson, J
Private Meeding, W
Private Meerholtz, A C
Private Meintjes, C C
Private Melville, E W F
Private Melville, G
Private Meyer, J L
Private Meyerson, W
Private Millar, D O
Corporal Millard, H C
Private Miller, H H
Private Miller, M
Corporal Milne, H
Private Milne, R
Private Milne, W B
Corporal Milton, C V
Private Milton, EJ
Private Mitchell, A C
Private Mitchell, G
Private Mittens, W C
Private Moolman, R
Private Momberg, A D
Private Momberg, B J
Corporal Monks, W
Corporal Morgan, F H
Lance Corporal Morgan, K D
Private Morkel, J G
Lance Corporal Morkel, J S
Private Morkel, M
Private Morris, P L
Private Morton, J S
Private Moss, D B
Corporal Moss, G E H
Private Mowbray, M C
Private Mudge, W
Lance Corporal Muir, J N
Private Muller, A D
Private Mullins, R
Private Mundell, G M
Private Mundell, S K
Private Murdoch, F
Private Murgatroyd, C E
Lance Corporal Murray, A A
Private Murray, N
Corporal Murrish, W H
Private Naismith, R
Private Napier, R S T
Private Naude, J
Corporal Neal, G
Private Neebee, W A
Private Neetesonne, W A
Private Neille, G H
Private Nel, J H
Private Nettle, MJ
Sergeant Neville, G C
Sergeant Neville, S W
Private Newton, J A
Private Neyt, C
Private Neyt, HJ
Private Nicholas, B A
Private Ninow, E W
Private Noble, A D
Private Nolan, E P
Private Norgate, H
Sergeant Norton, B T T
Private Norval, J
Private Nothling, C V
Sergeant O'Brien, T V

By Dr. S. Monick


Private Ochse, A E
Private O'Connell, D C
Private O'Connor, J
Private O'Donnell, W
Private Oelfse, J
Private O'Gorman, T
Private Oliver, R E
Private Oliver, W
Private Olivier, HJ
Private O'Neill, J P
Private Oosthuizen, J D
Private O'Reilly, C F M D
Lance Corporal Osborne, E
Private Osborne, S
Private Osterlaak, V W
Lance Corporal Osterloh, T W P
Private Overton, H C
Corporal Paisley, W
Private Panitz, I
Private Panitz, J
Lance Corporal Parkinson, J G
Lance Corporal Parry, G
Corporal Pascoe, A
Private Paterson, A
Private Paterson, G G
Private Paton, A
Private Paxton, D H
Private Paxton, E
Private Payne, C J
Private Paynter, H
Private Pearman, P
Lance Corporal Pearson, L E
Private Pearson, R E
Private Pearson, W R C
Private Pearson, W T
Private Peebles, A D
Private Peel, A W
Private Peel, M H
Private Penhaligon, A G
Lance Corporal Pennington, J
Private Penny, R
Private Penton, H
Sergeant Perkins, F S
Corporal Perrem, C H
Private Perridge, T
Corporal Perrow, J
Private Perry, J H
Private Peterson, A E
Lance Corporal Petyt, WJ
Private Phillips, H
Sergeant Phillips, H L
Corporal Phillips, J P
Private Pick, M
Private Pickford, HJ
Private Pilkington, N W
Private Platt, J
Private Plotkin, L
Private Pond, J B
Private Poole, F E
Sergeant Poole, J H
Private Preller, A W
Sergeant Prentice, J
Private Prentice, J
Private Prentice, J
Private Pretorius, B
Private Pretorius, CJ
Private Pretorius, N P
Private Pretorius, P C
Private Pringle, A G
Private Prior, R M
Private Pryor, R
Corporal Pym, RJ
Lance Corporal Rae, R M
Private Ragosin, J
Private Railton, E
Private Randall, W S
Private Ras, DJ
Private Raubenheimer, J J
Private Rawlins, AJ
Private Rawlinson, W W E
Private Rawson, W
Private Rayfield, J
Lance Corporal Raymond, C C
Private Read, C T
Private Reddin, M C
Private Reed, W A
Lance Corporal Rees, D
Private Relief, G J
Sergeant Retief, W P
Private Richards, T J R
Private Riddle, J
Private Rietmuller, J
Colour Sergeant Rishton, A H
Private Roberts, J A
Private Roberts, W L
Private Robertson, C
Colour Sergeant Robertson, W
Private Robinson, C H
Lance Corporal Robinson, C L
Private Robinson, S
Private Robinson, T
Private Robinson, V C
Lance Corporal Rodda, G T
Private Rodgers, A W
Sergeant Rollins, A B
Private Rolston, A H
Private Roodt, HJ
Private Rooke, J
Private Roos, J G
Corporal Rooyen, G W
Lance Corporal Roscoe, W
Private Rose, J H
Private Rosenblatt, E
Private Rosenthal, B
Corporal Rosenthal, P L
Private Rosin, S E
Private Ross, D
Private Rossouw, J D
Private Roustoff, C R
Lance Corporal Rowan, R
Private Rowley, E
Private Russell, G
Private Russell, J M
Sergeant Rutherford, L
Private Samson, W
Private Samuel, A
Lance Corporal Saunders, H W L
Lance Corporal Saunders, R O
Private Sayers, A W
C QMS Sayers, EJ
Private Sayland, J
Corporal Schafer, G A
Private Schmidt, C A
Private Schmidt, W E
Private Schoen, S
Private Scholtz, J J
Private Schubach, W B
Private Scott, E
Private Scott, W
Sergeant Seaton, J A F
Private Seeley, W
Private Selby, H
Private Sellars, H
Corporal Seward, C E
Private Shall, I
Private Sharland, F C
Private Sharp, W M
Private Sharpe, R
Private Shaw, A A
Sergeant Shaw, H
Private Shaw, H Y
Private Shepherd, R
Corporal Short, T W
Private Sichel, A J S
Private Simmonds, A E B
Private Simon, M
Private Simons, M
Private Simpson, A B
Private Simpson, M W
Private Slattery, RJ
Private Slevanski, H
Private Sloley, E G
Private Small, A
Private Smallbone, H
Corporal Smart, C H
Private Smit, S P
Corporal Smith, A
RSM Smith, D
Private Smith, F R
Private Smith, H
Private Smith, H
Private Smith, J
Private Smith, J T
Private Smith, L H
Private Smith, R C
Private Smith, S
Private Smyth, G W
Private Sneezum, E W
Private Snowden, HJ
Private Soal, FJ
Private Soames, G D
Corporal Spalding, H B
Private Spratt, W R
Lance Corporal Spring, HJ A
Sergeant Squires, HJ
Lance Corporal Stals, PJ
Private Stanley, H C R
Private Stansfield, W H
Private Stanton, MJ
Private Stanton, T A
Private Stapley, G W
Private Steenberg, E C W
Lance Corporal Stephen, L
Private Stern, P
Sergeant Stevenson, E F
Private Stevenson, E P
Sergeant Stewart, J H
Private Steyn, H
Private Steyn, J
Private Stiles, E
Private Stocker, A E
Private Stothers, J
Lance Corporal Stranger, R V
Sergeant Stranger, T C
Private Strathearn, W
Private Street, C C
Private Streeter, C L
Private Strong, W E
Private Strydom, J H
Private Styles, T W
Sergeant Summers, A G
Private Summerton, R
Private Susman, H
Private Sutherland, J H
Corporal Swan, C A
Private Swanepoel, F
Private Swarts, L M
Private Swarts, W J
Lance Corporal Swears, C O
Private Sword, W
Corporal Tainton, R H W
Private Taylor, A E
Private Taylor, C
Private Taylor, C
Corporal Taylor, C C M
Private Taylor, ELS
Private Taylor, F T
Private Taylor, T B
Private Tennant, RJ
Private Terry, H R
Private Terwogt, J M
Private Thatcher, E E
Private Theunissen, DJ
Private Thomas, C
Private Thomas, C R
Staff Sergeant Thomas, D A
Private Thomas, H
Private Thomas, P
Private Thompson, A
Private Thompson, G R
Private Thompson, J
Private Thompson, RJ
Private Thompson, W
Private Thomson, A D
Corporal Tilsey, F H
Lance Corporal Tinkler, A H
Lance Corporal Tippett, R E
Private Toerien, A G
Corporal Topper, G E A
Private Tribelhorn, J
Corporal Trollip, D
Sergeant Trotter, A P K
Corporal Tucker, E M
Private Turner, A
Private Turtle, E
Private Turton, C
Lance Corporal Tyzack, E E
Private Tyzack, W T
Private Ugland, A D
Private Unwin, R
Private Upham, W G
Lance Corporal Utterton, J
Private Van der Merwe, H
Private Van der Spuy, J
Private Van der Steen, P J
Private Van der Walt, C
Private Van der Walt, H
Sergeant Van der Walt, J
Private Van der Westhuizen, W J
Lance Corporal Van Dyk, A J
Private Van Gran, J J
Private Van Leent, F H
Private Van Wyk, AJ
Private Van Wyk, JJ
Private Van Wyk, S C H
Private Van Zyl, T L
Sergeant Veal, C J D
Private Veale, T
Private Venn, A V
Lance Corporal Venter, A C
Private Venter, J A
Private Verdon, A H
Private Vermeulen, CJ
Private Verster, O du P
Private Victor, C
Private Viljoen, PJ
Private Villet, B A E
Private Vincent, A
Corporal Vincent, A A
Private Vincent, L L
Private Vincent, P
Private Visscher, J M
Private Visser, M
Private Vivian, F
Private Vivian, H
Private Vizard, C F
Private Von Weilligh, B P
Private Vorster, C J
Private Vucovich, T
Private Wagner, J H
Private Wagner, J P J
Private Wakelin, W F
Private Waldeck, G H
Private Walker, G
Lance Corporal Walker, J W
Private Walker, MJ
Private Walker, R W
Sergeant Walton, H H
Private Ware, J B
Private Warne, J S
Private Warne, T
Private Watson, H P
Private Watson, W
Colour Sergeant Watson, W R
Private Watts, J W
Private Webb, A G
Sergeant Webb, H C
Private Webb, H T
Corporal Webber, C H
Private Webster, GJ
Private Webster, W H
Private Wedderburn, C H
Sergeant Wellbeloved, S R
Private Wells, H M
Private Welman, C P
Private Wenman, L C R
Corporal Wepener, E A
Private Werth, H W
Corporal Whalley, E
Private Wheatley, A
Private Wheeling, J B
Private Wheldon, G H
Sergeant White, A N
Private White, J L
Private Whitford, E H
Private Whitford, S H
Private Wiggett, C G
Private Wilcock, A
Private Wilier, J R
Private Williams, A
Private Williams, D
Private Williams, G A
Private Williams, LJ
Lance Corporal Williams, W T
Private Williamson, E
Private Willis, H
Private Willshire, F
Private Wilson, A H
Private Wilson, A J
Colour Sergeant Wilson, G Y
Private Wilson, T
Private Wilson, T
Private Winter, R
Private Withington, F
Private Woock, W
Lance Corporal Woodrow, H D
Corporal Woods, C A
Private Woods, F W
Private Woolf, A
Private Worsley, W
Colour Sergeant Wright, A P
Private Wright, D
Private Wright, D G
Corporal Wright, WJ
Private Wrigley, F
Private Wyatt, H
Private Young, F

German East Africa 1915- 1918

Captain  Buchanan, F L A
Captain  Mullins, G H
Captain  Westbrook, L J
Lieutenant Briese, G F
Lieutenant Brown, W C
Lieutenant Froneman, E E
Lieutenant Jackson, F E
Lieutenant Johnstone, G M
Lieutenant Rishton, A H
Lieutenant Shimwell, A J
Private  Abrahams, H C
Private  Adkins, G E
Private  Anderson, J E
Private  Anthonissen, J C
Private  Arnold, A H
Private  Atkins on, J J
Private  Attridge, H G
Sergeant Austen, R S
Private  Bancroft, G W
Corporal Batchelder, H A
Private  Beckwith, A J
Private  Bein, H
Private  Beland, W
Private  Berger, J
Private  Berliner, A H
Private  Bodmer, E H
Private  Booth, D
Private  Bradfield, J
Private  Bradfield, L G
Sergeant Brett, A E
Private  Brown, L
Private  Brunette, G F
Sergeant Brunstrom, O L
Private  Burgon, A W
Private  Burns, C
Private  Casey, J M
Private  Cecil, M
Private  Chitman, S
Corporal Chinnery, G R
Private  Cluett, H C
Private  Collins, H B
Private  Connellan, J M
Private  Coombes, A E
Private  Craig, D
Private  Croft, A D
Private  Cunningham, W V B
Private  Curtis, S H
Private  Dear, H
Lance Corporal Dell, A H
Private  Dickson, C R
Private  Donet, E G
Private  Downes, F
Private  Dykes, N E
Colour Sergeant Eckersley, A
Private  Edwards, R
Private  Ellis, J B
Sergeant Elworthy, F W
Private  English, J
Private  Errington, L R
Staff Sergeant Estill, J
Private  Evans, E
Private  Ewan, W
Private  Farmer, G A
Lance Corporal Farr, G
Private  Ferreira, HJ
Private  Fisher, V
Private  Fletcher, H H
Private  Ford, W B
Private  Foster, A E
Corporal Francis, J L
Private  Frankenberg, F
Private  Freeman, D F H
Private  Freeman, G P
Lance Corporal Furniss, R H
Private  Gage, R B
Private  Gainsford, W E C
Private  Gates, C B
Private  Geldenhuys, L
Private  Geyser, B L
Private  Gibson, A
Private  Gilbert, W
Private  Gilburt, T
Private  Gilder, W G
Private  Gilroy, J W
Corporal Goodman, W
Private  Cover, T
Private  Green, W
Private  Grenfell, D
Private  Griessel, J
Private  Hammerton, L C
Lance Corporal Hannay, W C
Private  Harmse W J
Private  Harmsworth, A W H
Private  Harrison, F E
Private  Haskins, B J
Private  Hayton, H
Private  Henley, F A
Private  Heydenrych, A F
Private  Hiles, F L P
Private  Holmes, W A
Private  Hopkins, W T J
Private  Hosking, T
Private  Hunkin, W R
Private  Jackson, C C
Private  Johns, T H E
Private  Johnson, H
Private  Jones, E A
Private  Kayser, J F
Private  Kernick, R W
Private  Ketterer, A W
Sergeant Kidd, G
Private  King, AE
Private  Koekemoer, W E C
Private  Krogh, P M G

From P 213 - 217 of "A Bugle Calls" By Dr. S. Monick

Private  Labuschagne, C J
Private  Lambert, A G
Private  Lang, S M
Private  Lawson, P
Corporal Laycock, H C
Private  Leibrandt, P F
Private  Livingstone, D H
Private  Lloyd, F
Sergeant Lockett, W H
Lance Corporal Longford, J A H
Sergeant Lucas, R J
Private  Mackenzie, T
Private  Mather, W W
Private  Mathey, W
Private  Mathews, T W
Private  McLean, W A
Private  McMaster, K
Private  Meyer, J L
Private  Millar, D O
Private  Milne, H
Private  Momberg, A D
Corporal Monks, W
Lance Corporal Morgan, K D
Private  Morton, J S
Corporal Moss, G E H
Private  Murray, N
Private  Neetesonne, W A
Private  Nettle, MJ
Sergeant Neville, G C
Private  Neyt, H J
Private  Nozan, G P
Sergeant O'Brien, T V
Private  O'Gorman, T
Private  Oosthuizen, J D
Private  O'Reilly, C F M D
Private  Overton, H C
Private  Paterson, G G
Private  Paynter, H
Private  Pearman, P
Private  Peel, M H
Private  Penhaligon, A G
Private  Penny, R
Corporal Perrow, J
Private  Perry, J H
Private  Phillips, H
Private  Pickford, H J
Sergeant Prentice, J
Private  Prentice, J
Private  Pryor, R
Private  Read, C T
Private  Reddin, M C
Private  Roberts, J A
Private  Rodda, G T
Private  Rolston, A H
Private  Samson, W
Private  Samuel, A
Private  Saunders, H W L
Private  Schmidt, W E
Private  Seeley, W
Private  Selby, H
Private  Seward, C E
Private  Shall, I
Private  Sharp, W M
Private  Sharpe, R
Private  Shaw, H Y
Private  Simons, M
Private  Simpson, M W
Private  Smart, C H
RSM  Smith, D
Private  Smith, F R
Private  Smith, R C
Private  Sneezum, E W
Private  Spratt, W R
Private  Squires, HJ
Private  Stanley, H C R
Private  Stanton, MJ
Private  Stapley, G W
Lance Corporal Stranger, R V
Private  Stranger, T C
Sergeant Summers, A G
Private  Swarts, W J
Private  Thomson, A D
Private  Tilsey, F H
Private  Trotter, APR
Corporal Tucker, E M
Private  Turton, C
Private  Tyzack, W T
Private  Van der Merwe, H J
Private  Veal, CJD
Private  Veale, T
Private  Venn, A V
Private  Vermeulen, CJ
Private  Victor, C
Private  Viljoen, PJ
Private  Villet, B A E
Private  Waldeck, G H
Private  Warne, J S
Private  Warne, T
Private  Watson, H P
Colour Sergeant Watson, W R
Corporal Webber, C H
Private  Wedderburn, C H
Private  Wellbeloved, S R
Private  Wells, H M
Private  Welman, C P
Private  Wepener, E A
Private  Werth, H W
Private  White, J L
Private  Wiggett, C G
Private  Williamson, E
Private  Willis, H
Private  Wiltshire, W H
Private  Van Wyk, S C H
Private  Van Zyl, T L

The Western Front of Europe 1915 - 1918 with the 1st SA Infantry Brigade

Major Young, B
Major Gordon, R D
Captain Symrnes, H C
Lieutenant Hirtzel, H M
Lieutenant Medlicott, R F C
Lieutenant Sprenger, L F
Private Adams, T W
Private Adendorff, J P
Private Arnold, J
Private Asser, A
Private Attwood, E
Private Badcoe, T J
Private Bates, F S
Private Beland, R
Private Bloom, B
Private Borrowdale, A C
Private Brink, G E
Private Broad, F E
Private Bromley, S S
Private Brown, J J
Private Bryan, S
Private Bunt, F
Private Butcher, F C
Private Cameron, J
Private Carey, G A
Private Case, C H
Private Coe, A N
Private Condon, V J
Private Cowie, RJ
Private Cox, T W
Private Coxford, H L
Private Cross, T M
Private Cursley, F
Private Dawson, W G
Private De Kock, J W
Private Dillon, J
Private Dodds, T
Private Douglas, R
Private Doyle, G
Private Du Plessis, C D
Private Eckersley, J W
Private Edwards, J C
Private England, G
Private Fairbairn, G
Private Felton, HJ
Private Fidler, J L
Private Fisher, W
Private Flawn, E G L
Private Fletcher, T F
Private Frank, H R H
Private Garrett, J E
Private Geldenhuis, H R
Private Gibbon, W
Private Gill, T M
Private Gillan, D
Private Gillman, O V
Private Cleaves, R C
Private Govan, F G
Private Gray, A
Private Green, A V
Private Greensill, J E
Private Grobbelaar, A
Private Haddon, G
Private Harrison, W
Private Harwood, J
Private Hawken, J E
Private Hawken, A
Private Heydenrych, V C
Private Hind, C R
Private Hodge, J S
Private Hoffman, J
Private Horton, E
Private Hosking, W
Private Hoskison, F
Private Husband, J
Private Hyde, A H
Private Jarman, A E
Private Johnson, N W
Private Jones, N
Acting Corporal Jordan, A E
Private Kane, F M
Private Kapelusnik, A J
Private Kaplan, V

From P 209 - 212 of "A Bugle Calls"  by Dr. S. Monick

Private Kernick, R G
Private King, P B
Private King, V
Private Kirkman, W D
Private Kruger, J J
Private Lashbrooke, H
Private Lawrence, J A
Private Lawson, W K
Private Legg, R
Private Leggo, H T
Private Lenz, F A
Private Leonie, J
Private Levy, H L
Private Loughnane, M
Private Lysell, N
Private Manthey, CJ
Private Marshall, A E
Private Masterton, J K
Private Maxwell, J W
Private McGarr, R G
Private McLean, W H
Private Melville, E W F
Private Milne, R
Private Milne, W B
Private Mittens, W C
Private Mundell, S K
Private Ochse, A E
Private O'Connor, J
Private O'Donnell, W
Private Oelfse, J
Corporal Pearson, W R C
Private Peel, A W
Private Perridge, T
Private Poole, J H
Private Railton, E
Private Ras, D J
Private Raymond, C C
Private Richardson, J B
Private Robertson, W
Private Rose, J H
Private Rowley, E
Private Russell, G
Private Russell, J M
Private Saunders, R O
Private Sayer, EJ
Private Scott, W
Private Shepherd, R
Private Simon, M
Private Smallbone, H
Private Smith, H
Private Smith, L H
Private Snowden, HJ
Private Soames, G D
Private Stern, P
Private Stevenson, E F
Private Susman, N
Private Swan, C A
Private Swears, C O
Private Tainton, R H W
Private Tennant, RJ
Private Tippett, R E
Private Topper, G E A
Private Turner, A
Private Unwin, R
Private Van der Spuy, E
Private Van der Walt, J
Private Van Niekerk, R
Private Verdon, A H
Private Vucovich, T
Private Watson, W
Private Webb, A G
Private Webb, H T
Private Wheatley, A
Private Whitford, S H
Private Williams, A
Private Williams, W T
Private Willshire, F
Private Wilson, A J
Private Worsley, W
Private Wright, D
Private Wright, WJ
Private Wyatt, H

World War 2: Members of The Regiment who embarked for North Africa in 1943

James, Lt Col.  W
Delaney, Maj. E R
Keating, Maj. G H
Crumley, Capt. W B R
Forsyth, Capt. R C
Goldsbrough, Capt. W E J
Krebser, Capt. F R B
Luman, Capt.  A C R
Mason, Capt.  A
Morris, Capt.  W J V
Trevelyan, Capt.  H G
Venner, Capt.  W F
Veitch, Capt.  J A
Whyte, Capt.  D W
Auburg, Lt.  L T
Beamish, Lt.  A D
Bosazza, Lt.  F A
Coles, Lt.  R C
Grant, Lt.  D H
Hertslet, Lt.  L G
Lloyd, Lt. J S
McCarthy, Lt.  A B (Later Capt.) (
Died of Wounds 1944)
McClelland, Lt.  R
Neokorides, Lt.  A
Ponter, Lt.  B
Ritchie, Lt.  C St M
Sampson, Lt.  L W
Saner, Lt.  C P
Smith, Lt.  A W R
Stockwell, Lt.  F J H
Stokes, Lt. J A
Stuttafords, Lt.  R B
Tomlinson, Lt.  M R
Whaley, Lt. JTB
Gainsford, 2/Lt.  W E
Lamprey, 2/Lt.  J A
McCausland, 2/Lt.  A J
Fellow, 2/Lt.  J H
Adam, Cpl.  A
Adam, CQMS. L
Armstrong, Sgt.  D C
Ashberg, Sgt.  H
Bailey, Rfn.  A J D
Balsdon, L/Cpl.  B
Barendse, Rfn.  A J
Barkhuizen, Rfn.  J G
Barker, Rfn.  F J
Barnes, Rfn.  E
Barnett, L/Cpl.  G
Bayley, Rfn.  D
Bayley, L/Cpl.  W S
Bentley, Rfn.  R B
Bernic, Rfn.  A
Beyers, Rfn.  F P
Blackmore, Rfn.  E L H
Block, L/Cpl.  M
Bloom, L/Cpl.  M L
Bosch, Rfn.  S C J
Botha, L/Cpl.  D J
Botha, Rfn.  J S
Botha, Rfn. P A W
Botha, Rfn.  T L
Bothnia, L/Cpl.  H S
Bradley, Rfn.  P G
Bridgman, Rfn. J H
Brindley, Rfn.  A H
Brise, Rfn.  E J
Brissenden, Sgt.  S W
Burger, Rfn.  C S
Burmeister, Rfn.  A G
Burrows, Cpl.  D O
Calogero, Rfn.  G S
Campbell, Rfn.  A J
Carylon, L/Cpl.  F J
Chazen, Cpl.  A B
Cheesman, Rfn.  P
Clare, Rfn.  D
Classen, Rfn.  A H
Clegg, Sgt.  E W
Cloete, Rfn.  D R
Cohen, Rfn.  B
Cowie, L/Cpl.  H R
Crampton, Rfn.  E J
Crozier, CSM. G F
Cullen, Rfn.  D
Cullen, Rfn.  W G
Cunningham, L/Cpl.  R E (
KIA 1944)
Cuthbertson, Cpl. J R
Cutter, L/Cpl.  R V R
Daines, Rfn.  V M
Daniels, S/Sgt. B J
Davidson, Rfn.  C T
Davis, Rfn.  C T
Davis, Rfn.  J L
Davis, L/Cpl.  HJ
Davison, Cpl.  J C
Davison, Rfn.  R
De Beer, Rfn.  C J
De Jager, L/Cpl.  F J
Delarosa, Rfn.  W A
De Swart, Cpl.  S H
Dickie-Clark, Rfn.  H F
Dickinson, L/Cpl.  L V
Dorfan, Rfn.  M S (
KIA 1945)
Drakes, L/Cpl.  R W
Eager, Cpl.  R E
Ebner, Rfn.  W H
Ellenbogen, L/Cpl.  M M
Elliott, Rfn.  C F
Elterman, L/Cpl.  R
Engelbrecht, Cpl.  B E
Erickson, L/Cpl.  F R
Evans, Rfn.  I C
Ewing, Sgt. E R
Pagan, Cpl.  H A
Feinblum, Cpl. J
Feldman, Cpl.  S L
Ferera, L/Cpl.  J
Ferguson, Rfn.  R
Field, Cpl.  P H
Francis, L/Cpl.  E
Franck, Rfn.  L H
Franklin, Sgt. B G
Frobus, Rfn.  D P
Fuller, L/Cpl.  P D
Galloway, Rfn.  W G
Gillies, Rfn.  W D
Glieman, Rfn.  E O
Gloss, Rfn.  C R
Goldberg, Sgt. R A
Grant, Rfn.  K W
Green, Rfn.  E G
Griffith, Rfn.  R A
Grindley, Cpl.  W F
Grobler, Cpl. JJ
Groom, Rfn. J C
Grusin, Rfn.  N
Guest, Cpl. J I
Hackett, Rfn.  W S (
Died of Wounds 1944)
Hagger, Cpl.  D A
Hains, Cpl.  E P S
Halse, L/Cpl.  D N
Hampson, Rfn.  R P
Hansen, Sgt. A W
Harding, L/Cpl.  B
Hardy, Rfn.  L D
Hargreaves, Rfn.  J P
Harris, Rfn.  L.E
Harris, Rfn.  P
Harrison, Rfn.  W S
Harvard, Rfn. J L
Hastings, Rfn. J FE
Havenga, Cpl.  M T
Hay, Rfn. J
Hazlewood, Rfn.  M
Heales, Rfn.  F S
Heynecke, S/Sgt. J C
Heyns, Rfn.  P G
High, Rfn. J E
Hiscock, Rfn.  F G
Hogdson, Rfn.  H R
Honey, Rfn.  G L
Houghtin, Rfn.  C T L
Hulley, Sgt. P V
Hunt, Cpl.  C W
Hunter, CSM. D E (
Died of disease 1944)
Hunter, Rfn.  R J
Huntley, Rfn.  R D
Huntley, Rfn.  R G
Janjetich, Rfn.  A J

From P 500 - 504 of "A Bugle Calls" by Dr. S. Monick

Jenkins, Rfn.  D S
Jensen, Rfn.  P H
Johnson, CQMS. K
Keefer, Rfn.  S J
Kelly, Rfn. J P
Kerr, Rfn.  O
Koekemoer, Rfn.  C J
Konig. Rfn.  L E
Kurschner, Sgt A A
Lane, Sgt. T EJ
Lee, Rfn.  R T M (KIA 1944)
Le Roux, Rfn.
Lesheim, Cpl.  W (KIA 1944)
Lilford, L/Cpl.  J R
Lindgren, Rfn.  F E
Lister, Rfn.  WJ
Lloyd, Rfn.  D P
Looney, Sgt. J J
Lotz, L/Cpl.  JP
Lunderstedt, Rfn.  R J
Mackie, Rfn.  E S
McLeod, CQMS N R
Makkink, Rfn.  F K H
Maleham, Rfn.  C J
Malzer, Rfn.  J W
Manley, Rfn.  B G (KIA 1944)
Manley, Sgt.  C D
McClusky, Rfn.  P J
McCormack, Rfn.  E E
McCormack, Cpl. J
McFadyen, Rfn.  B S
McClean, Rfn.  D G
McMaster, Rfn.  A C
Mehuish, Cpl.  T H
Mendel, L/Cpl.  A
Mennell, Rfn.  W S
Meyer, Cpl.  W S
Millar, Cpl.  H M
Milligan, L/Cpl.  W R D
Minnis, Rfn. J A
Mitchell, Rfn.  R G
Moffatt, Rfn.  W D R (Died of Wounds 1944)
Morris, Rfn.  G R
Muir Cpl.  T
Mumford, Cpl. J
Myburgh, Sgt.  W
Myers, Rfn.  H R
Naude, Cpl.  E
Naude, Cpl. J D
Nell, Rfn.  H S
Nellis, Cpl.  W W
Nelson, L/Cpl.  C K
Neppe, Sgt.  N
Nezar, Rfn.  C J C
Nicholas, Rfn.  A R
Norden Rfn.  C E
Nourse, Cpl.  C A
O'Connor, Rfn.  H
Ogston, Rfn.  F
Onions, Rfn.  G P
Otten, L/Cpl.  D W
Owen, RSM.  E
Paddock, Cpl.  C H
Patmore, Cpl.  F R R (Died of Wounds 1944)
Paulick, L/Cpl.  C F
Payne, Cpl.  D H
Penny, L/Cpl.  E C
Phillips, CQMS E L
Phillips, Rfn.  V N T
Peirson, L/Cpl.  N D
Pitser, Rfn.  D J
Powell, Sgt.  F L
Pyle, Rfn.  F C
Quail, Cpl.  L D
Randell, Cpl.  I G
Range, L/Cpl.  R P
Rassiner, Rfn.  S L
Rau, Rfn.  E N
Rees, Sgt.  T D
Reeve, L/Cpl.  C S
Reid, Cpl.  J J
Reilly, Sgt.  F H
Rennie, Cpl.  W M
Reyneke, Rfn.  A J
Richards, Rfn.  E
Richards, Cpl.  L A L
Rigg, L/Cpl.  K M
Robberts, Cpl.  T J J
Robertson, Rfn.  A J
Roos, Rfn. J B
Rounthwaite, Rfn.  R T
Rowley, Cpl.  F A
Sager, Rfn.  A L
Salomon, L/C D H
Samuel, Sgt.  R S
Sardini, Rfn.  A
Sargent, Rfn.  C E
Schonken, Rfn.  E H
Scholtz, CSM.   D J J
Scott, Rfn.  E T
Scott, Rfn. J
Sheppard, Rfn.  S W
Simpson, Sgt.  E
Smith, L/Cpl.  A
Smith, Rfn.  J H
Smith, Rfn.  J W
Snyders, Rfn.  P C S
Spalding, Rfn.  C G
Sparg, Rfn.  V W
Sproule, Sgt.  J M
Stanley-Clarke, CQMS W
Staples, L/Cpl.  A E
Stark, Cpl.  S
Steensma, Rfn.  D W
Stevens, Rfn.  M S
Stewart, Rfn.  P D
Steyn, Rfn.  J G
Steill, Cpl.  E
Stokes, Rfn.  D W
Strauss, Rfn.  C J O (KIA 1944)
Stretch, L/Cpl. R W
Strydom, Cpl. B
Swann, Cpl. C F
Tait, Rfn. A G
Taplin, Rfn. M
Tapson, L/Cpl. J C
Theron, Cpl. J
Theunissen, Sgt. D O
Theunissen, Rfn. M H J
Thompson, Cpl. J H
Thomson, L/Cpl. R D
Thorpe, CSM. R W
Tomlinson, Rfn. C J
Townsend, Rfn. K
Trevor, CSM. C V
Tunbridge, L/Cpl. D W
Turton, Rfn. D O
Urquhart, Rfn. A M
Van Aswegen, Rfn. C P (KIA 1944)
Van Breda, Rfn. W B (KIA (1944)
Van Buuren, Rfn. B F (KIA 1944)
Van der Merwe, Rfn. W J S
Van der Spuy, Rfn. F A
Van Eden, L/Cpl. J P
Van Heerden, Rfn. K G M
Van Rooyen, L/Cpl. W J
Venter, Rfn. J W
Viljoen, Sgt. PJ
Wainer, Rfn. M
Walker, Rfn. J W
Walker, Rfn. T C
Wantenaar, Rfn. M J
Watson, Rfn. A
Webb, Rfn. G C
Weeks, Cpl. H M
Weetman, Rfn. F J
Westergraard, Rfn. D
Wheat, L/Cpl. E G
Wheeler, L/Cpl. T
White, Rfn. E A
Whittock, Rfn. L W
Wigg, Sgt. N C
Wiggill, Rfn. K H
Wilkinson, Cpl. H A
Williams, Sgt. D H
Wither, Rfn. P J R
Wright, RQMS. E F
Woolfe, Rfn. V A
Yeld, Cpl. W H A
Young, Rfn. J J S C      

Border War & Township Ops.

Mobilisation 1976: 

Cmdt. D.C. Fletcher
Maj. C. Colley
Maj. H. Groenendaal
Maj. R.I. King
Maj. N. Termorshuizen
Capt. A.E. Dixon-Seager
Capt. T. Couchman
Capt. J.L. Job
Capt. J. Josephson
Capt. T.P.A. O'Halloran
Capt. N. Passmore
WO1. J. Bruigom 


List incomplete: Under Construction

Internal Operations after 1994

Operation Agapanthus: 28 May - 3 June 1999

Maj. T.I. Milne (Coy Cdr.)
Capt. P. Rheeder (Coy 2IC)
Lt. G.W. Knott (Platoon 1 Cdr)
2Lt. F.C. Mulder (Ops. Officer)
CO.(T/2Lt.) G.R. Howard (Platoon 2 Cdr)
CO.(T/2Lt.) I.D. Stins (Platoon 3 Cdr)
Capt. L.M. van Niekerk (Log Off)
WO1. J.A. van Straaten
S Sgt. J. van Zyl
Sgt. J. Botha
Cpl. S. Ninzi
Cpl. D. Nkabinde
Cpl. S. Qhoba
Rfn. S. Baloyi
Rfn. A. Booi
Rfn. M. Boya
Rfn. S. Chauke
Rfn. R. Gibson
Rfn. T. Komani
Rfn. L. Kunyamane
Rfn. M. Lethole
Rfn. C. Mabala
Rfn. S. Mabika
Rfn. J. Mahlangu
Rfn. S. Mahlangu
Rfn. R. Makhubu
Rfn. E. Malindisa
Rfn. N. Maputha

From the Operations Diary of Maj. T.I. Milne (Ret.)


Rfn. T. Matsili
Rfn. E. Matuba
Rfn. M. Mkhanazi
Rfn. M. Mmile
Rfn. N. Mnisi
Rfn. J. Moagi
Rfn. F. Moeketsi
Rfn. E. Mooketsi
Rfn. G. Mothladi
Rfn. L. Motsamai
Rfn. T. Mzekandaba
Rfn. L. Ndlovu
Rfn. P. Ngoepe
Rfn. D. November
Rfn. E. Rammekwa
Rfn. M. Senatle
Rfn. S. Sibanyoni
Rfn. M. Sibeko
Rfn. T. Sikhosana
Rfn. K. Tladi
Rfn. A. Tsheko
Rfn. M. Witbooi
Rfn. M. Zitha
Rfn. R. Zondo

List incomplete: Under construction

Operation Castanet: 27 December 1999 - 6 January 2000

Maj. L.M. van Niekerk (Seconded to JOC on 28 Dec 1999)
Lt. I.D. Stins (Acting Coy Commander from 28 Dec 1999)
Lt. E.T. Lwizi (Acting Coy 2 IC)
CO. G.R. Howard (Platoon 1 Commander)
CO. V.R. Nemalili (Platoon 2 Commander) (Sandton Comdo.)
S/Sgt. G. Partridge(Company Sergeant Major)
Cpl. J.S. Leholi(Platoon Sergeant)
Cpl. T.S. Qhoba(Platoon Sergeant)
Cpl. P. Ntlebeke(Section Leader)
L/Cpl. D. Nkabinde(Section Leader)
L/Cpl. C.M. Mosoeu(Section Leader)
L/Cpl. S.J. Tsotsetsi(Section Leader)
Rfn. R.S. Bhila
Rfn. A. Bukhaba
Rfn. T. Booi
Rfn. P.Dladla
Rfn. C.M. Khumalo
Rfn. J. Koena
Rfn. M.D. Kuba
Rfn. T.J. Letlhatlhe
Rfn. T.S. Lekholta
Rfn. R.J. Mabasa
Rfn. X. Makanda
Rfn. J.T.A. Makgopa
Rfn. M.C. Makweng
Rfn. J. Manong
Rfn. G.A. Matshane
Rfn. T.P. Matsilili
Rfn. T.W. Mbatha
Rfn. X.U. Mchunu

From the Operations Diary of Maj. I.D. Stins, RD (Ret.)

Rfn. G.M. Mmile
Rfn. P.S. Mnisi
Rfn. J. Moagi
Rfn. P.S. Mofokeng
Rfn. J. Molelengwane
Rfn. T.G. Moloi
Rfn. T.E. Mooyi
Rfn. D.M. Moseri
Rfn. G.V. Mothlabi
Rfn. J. Mpahane
Rfn. B.B. Mvelase
Rfn. D.A. Ndlovu
Rfn. L.P. Ndlovu
Rfn. M. Ndou
Rfn. M.E. Nkala
Rfn. B.P. Ntuli
Rfn. H.V. Ntuli
Rfn. A. Nyleda
Rfn. M.W. Phalane
Rfn. L.E. Ranaka
Rfn. M.P. Senatle
Rfn. M.D. Sibeko
Rfn. S.R.T. Swafo
Rfn. M.J. Tyazeka
Rfn. S. Zele
Rfn. G. Zitha

*Seconded from Group 18.

S/Sgt. W. Partridge* (Transport Recovery)
L/Cpl. L.L. van der Merwe* (Auxiliary driver)

Operation Blue Sentinal: 28 - 30 November 2003

Capt. J.A. Rudolph (Company Commander)
Capt. J. Cleobury
Capt. I.D. Stins
Lt. R. Kirsten
2Lt. G.R. Howard
CO. A. Guza
CO. N.J. Maphutha
WO1. K.E. Sebolai
WO1. D. Williams
WO2. M.J. Masha
WO2. W.A. Pistorius
S Sgt. G. Partridge
Sgt. G. Mok
Cpl. L. De Waal
Cpl. D. Kirsten
Cpl. J.M. Makhene
Cpl. A.O. Mosito
Cpl. P. Ntlebeke
L Cpl. R.L. Gibson
L Cpl. N.T. Kanda
L Cpl. J. Koena
L Cpl. S.J. Mahlo
L Cpl. T.J. Mofokeng
L Cpl. J. Molelengwane
L Cpl. G.P. Pheeha
L Cpl. P.F. Ramoroka
L Cpl. M.A. Seruwe
Rfn. L. Baxa
Rfn. R.S. Bhila
Rfn. N.W. Cebu
Rfn. D.M. Chiloane
Rfn. H.M. Dliwayo
Rfn. L.E. Gurha
Rfn. D.M. Gxara
Rfn. B.M. Khakhathiba
Rfn. N.L. Khumalo

From the Operations Diary of Maj. J.A. Rudolph (Ret.)

Rfn. F.P. Madisa
Rfn. D.M. Makubetsa
Rfn. R.P Malwela
Rfn. J.T. Matlala
Rfn. N.L. Mazibuko
Rfn. M.T. Mkwanazi
Rfn. J. Moagi
Rfn. R.G. Modisane
Rfn. H.M. Moelefe
Rfn. M.J. Mohale
Rfn. L.A. Molakeng
Rfn. L.L. Molefe
Rfn. K.M. Morifi
Rfn. K.G. Mphalele
Rfn. L.V. Ngwenya
Rfn. D.S. November
Rfn. M.P. Nqai
Rfn. S.S. Ntlombe
Rfn. S.L. Phalatsi
Rfn. M.J. Phetla
Rfn. M.R. Radebe
Rfn. J.P. Ramaphakela
Rfn. T.I. Ratau
Rfn. S.O. Seitumeng
Rfn. T.S. Selala
Rfn. P. Senatle
Rfn. J.S. Shongwe
Rfn. J.J. Sikhosana
Rfn. Z.E. Skosana
Rfn. M.P. Tladi
Rfn. N.C. Tohlang
Rfn. N.C. Tshabalala
Rfn. G.A. Tshabalala
Rfn. B.R. Xaba
Rfn. S. Xamatshata
Rfn. S. Zele

Operation Bata: 2007

Capt. G.W. Knott
Lt G.R. Howard
2Lt. N.I. Nkosi
2Lt. A.O. Mosito
CO. M.F. Chipu
CO. K.E. Sebolai

List incomplete: Under construction.

From the Operations Diary of Capt. G.W. Knott (Ret.)


Peace Keeping Operations

Page under construction. 



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WR Regimental Days 
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Battle of Monte Caprara - 16 April 1945
Freedom of Johannesburg - 24 April 1954
Disbandment of the RPR - 1 May 1903
Regimental Birthday - 1 May 1903
Cameronian Day - 14 May1689 & 1968
Merger of WR / DLR - 5 July 1943
Freedom of Germiston - 11 September 1953
Remembrance Day - 11 November 1918
Freedom of Barberton - 27 November 2002
RPR Day (Formation of RPR) -18 December 1899



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