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Welcome to the Witwatersrand Rifles Veterans' Club Regimental History Archive.

Witwatersrand Rifles Regiment is a Mechanized Infantry Regiment of the South African Army Reserve. For over a century the "citizen-soldiers" of South Africa's Lowland Regiment has defended and protected our great country and continues to do so with pride.

This website is the unofficial history cyber-archive of the Witwatersrand Rifles Regiment Veterans' Club and is dedicated to the brave men and women of the Regiment, past, present and future. This website and the Veterans' Club was established by a group of former officers of the Regiment to preserve the history of this great and illustrious Regiment. The history is recorded by those that were there. Please visit all the pages on this site to learn more about our regiment as well as the proud history of our great Regiment.

Please note: This website and its pages are not official pages of the South African National Defence Force or the South African Army Reserves. This is a Regimental Veterans' Club History Archive reflecting the proud history and traditions of the Witwatersrand Rifles Regiment and it is privately owned, administered and funded. It is also important to note that this website does not have any formal or direct association with the Regiment, its Regimental Association or its Regimental Council and does not represent those entities in any way, shape or form, nor does this site reflect their views and opinions in any way, shape or form.

This website continues to serve as an unofficial cyber-archive of the history of the Witwatersrand Rifles Regiment, which is a matter of public record, and will hopefully continue to grow as our history is continuously updated. It is important to note that if you are searching for the service history of an individual that may have served with the Regiment, your best option is to contact the Defence Force Archives in Pretoria directly.

Our Aim:

The aim of this website is to preserve the history of this great and illustrious Regiment, in memory of all those that has served with her for the more than 114 years of her existence. This Website has at heart the preservation of the history of our Regiment until such time as it can be formally and permanently recorded in a second volume of our history. (The current volume of the Regimental history only covers the Regimental history until 1988). That is the thing with history... it is an on-going thing.

This Website and the Veterans' Club was formed to act independently of the Regimental Council and the Regimental Association to ensure that history can be recorded un-biased and impartially.

The website and the Witwatersrand Rifles Regimental Veterans' Club is non-profit and we do not elicit financial contributions or donations. We are grateful for all contributions to the Regimental history by any serving or former members in the form of historical facts, information, stories or photographs from their time with the Regiment. Please also feel free to post stories and photographs onto our Facebook page.

Because history is continuous, this site will always be under construction.

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