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The Regimental Council

The Witwatersrand Rifles Regimental council was formed in 1980 as the custodian of Regimental traditions a well as to help to promote and maintain the efficiency of the Regiment and its traditions. It consists of the Honorary Colonel, the Officer Commanding, ex-Officers Commanding, and additional members as required.

The Regimental Council performs a valuable role in supporting the Witwatersrand Rifles, in all its activities, which is regarded as South Africa's Lowland Regiment in it's Cameronian (Scottish Rifles) uniform of cutaway tunics and Douglas Tartan trews.

The Regimental Council serves as an advisory body to the Officer Commanding.
Looking after the welfare of the Regiment,
The maintenance of a Regimental home and Regimental traditions,
Fostering Esprit de corps, and loyalty to the country.

The Regimental Council was formed on 20 February 1980 with the following founding members:

Chairman: Brig. J.B. Bester, DSO & Bar (Hon Col.)
Vice-Chairman: Cmdt. E.C. Harris, ED (Ret.)
Secretary: Mr. E.H. Ewing

  • Lt Gen. W.R. Van Der Riet, SSA, SM, MC
  • Cmdt. G.M. St L. Daines, ED (Ret.)
  • Cmdt. D.C. Fletcher, SM, JCD
  • Maj. J.L. Job
  • Maj. R.I. King
  • Capt. F. A. Bossaza
  • Mr. B. Cohen

Chairmen of the Regimental Council:

  • Brig. J.B. Bester, DSO & Bar (1980 - 1985)
  • Lt Gen. W.R. Van Der Riet, SSA, SM, MC (1985 - 1988)
  • Maj Gen. W.N.A. Barends, SM, MC & Bar (1989 - 2002)
  • Col. (Hon.) (Dr.) J.L. Job, SM, MMM, JCD (2002 - present)

The current Regimental Council:

Chairman: Col. (Hon.) (Dr.) J.L. Job, SM, MMM, JCD (Hon Col.)
Vice Chairman: Lt Col. K.J. Townsend, SM, MMM, JCD (Ret.)
Secretary: Maj. R.I. King (Ret.)

  • Col. E.L. Carton-Barber, JCD (Ret.)
  • Lt Col. C.E. Casey, JCD (Ret.)
  • Lt Col. A.E. Dixon-Seager, MMM, JCD (Ret.)
  • Lt Col. D.C. Fletcher, SM, JCD (Ret.)
  • Lt Col. M.F. Robberts (Ret)
  • Lt Col. L.H. Malakoane (Ret.)
  • Lt Col. S.G. Mooketsi (Ret.)
  • Maj. A.M. Mosehlana
  • Maj. H.R. Groenendaal, MMM, JCD (Ret.)
  • Maj. J.G. Bester, JCD (Ret.)
  • Maj. C.N. Collie (Ret.)
  • Maj. T.P.A. O'Halloran, MMM, JCD (Ret.)

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