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The Regimental badge on the Wall of Remembrance.

The Regimental Battle Honors

The Regimental Cenotaph.

The Regimental trophies on display at the Regimental HQ.



Above photos courtesy of Maj. I.D. Stins, RD (Ret.)

The Regimental Association Room at the Regimental Headquarters.

The Regimental Association banner, shown here on the spear that was donated to the Regiment by the Cairo Police during World War 2.

 Above Photos courtesy of Mr. A. Frantz

The Regimental Badge in Barberton

This badge is located in the town of Barberton in Mpumalanga. This town was the last training post for the Regiment before it was sent to Italy during World War 2.







Photo courtesy of Lieutenant Colonel C.E. Casey, JCD (Ret.)

The Flag and its history.

Italy, 5 June 1944 - On 5 June 1944, a party of Bravo Company, under the command of Lt. B.E. Rightford, had been despatched along a secondary road to Fiano Romano, immediately west of the Tiber. Enroute the force was subjected to enemy fire from small arms, two 75mm guns and two PzKpfw IV Tanks. In the ensuing engagement both enemy anti-tank guns were neutralized and a tracked vehicle, five civilian type cars, a water truck and two troop carriers and a motorcycle were destroyed.

Of the enemy troops 22 were killed and 24 take prisoner. (However, of the supporting armour, one Sherman and one Stuart tank of the Natal Mounted Rifles were neutralized, four other ranks were killed and three wounded.) The patrol returned to base with two captured flags. This flag flew over Luftwaffe-Generalfeldmarschall (German Air Force - Field Marshal) Albert Kesselring's HQ (The German Commander-in-Chief in Italy and the Meditiranian area). The survivors of Bravo Company all signed their names on the flag at the cessation of hostilities. Significantly there were only 43 names written on the flag, showing the amount of casualties incurred by this Company. Over the passage of time the names have become indecipherable, with only a few signitures left identifiable, notably Maj. D. Campbell, WO2. Ward, Sgt. H. Faul and Sgt. H. Burger.

This flag is currenty framed and is on display in the Officers' Mess. The second flag, also captured at this particular HQ and is on display in the Warrant Officers' Mess.

Alpha Company on parade. (Wits Week 2010)



Alpha Company in review order. (Lt. T. Tsotetsi, parade commander)









The Regimental Pipe band under the command of Drum Major Andrew Frantz









The march past.











Above photos courtesy of Maj. I.D. Stins, RD (Ret.)

The Officers Mess Lounge.

The Witwatersrand Rifles contingent to the Funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother

(Also see our history page)

Above photo courtesy of the Royal Military Museum

Serving Officers 2009


    Photographer unknown

                    Serving Officers 2007

Photographer unknown

                                        Serving Officers 2003

Above photo courtesy of Maj. T.I. Milne (Ret.)

 Serving Officers 1999

 Photographer unknown

Serving Warrant Officers and Senior NCO's - 2007

Photographer unknown

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