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Brigadier J.B. Bester, DSO and Bar

 (Photo circa 1944 while serving with the 13th SA Motorised Brigade)

Brigadier Jan Bosman "Jack" Bester, DSO and Bar served in the Field Force Battalion and 1 Special Service Battalion, of the Union Defense Force, before being appointed as Officer Commanding of the Wits/De La Rey Regiment from 1943 to 1945.  He was promoted to Brigadier in 1945 and commanded the 13th South African Motorised Brigade during the Italian Campaign. He served as Chief Superintendant of Railway Police in South Africa after the war and served as Honorary Colonel of Witwatersrand Rifles from 1972 until his death in 1985.



  • Brigadier (South African Army)
  • Chief Superintendant (South African Railway Police)
  • Honorary Colonel (South African Army - Witwatersrand Rifles)

 He was awarded the following medals: 

  • The Distinguished Service Order (DSO) and a bar as a second award for valour.
  • He was awarded various campaign medals for service during the Second World war.

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